The Functions of the Commission in the Gas Sector

The Commission shall ensure efficient functioning of the gas sector guaranteeing that the customers, system users, and natural gas undertakings would not be discriminated against and that the natural gas market would be open to effective competition.

In the natural gas sector the Commission shall control:

• the terms and conditions of licensed activity of system operators;
• costs of regulated activity of natural gas undertakings;
• comprehensiveness and presentation of the information published by system operators concerning the terms and conditions granting the interested parties the right to use the systems, interconnectors and natural gas storage facilities;
• conditions of the systems‘ access;
• unbundling of accounts, in order to avoiding cross subsidisation;
• application of the rules on the management and allocation of interconnection capacity;
• security of natural gas supply and quality of service requirements;
• compliance with natural gas supply security and service quality requirements; the level of transparency and competition of natural gas undertakings;
• implemention of national natural gas transmission network congestion-management rules;
• ensuring access to customer consumption data, the provision for optional use, of an easily understandable harmonised format for prompt access;
• implemention of temporary necessary safeguard measures set by Goverment or an authority in the event of a sudden crisis in the energy market or where the physical safety or security of persons, s mechanisms, installations or system integrity is threatened;
• that there are no cross-subsidies between transmission, distribution, storage, LNG and supply activities.

Last Update: 2013-08-01 14:27